"Bringing the Outdoors into your Life"

Outdoor Learning is all about connecting with the natural world through discovery, challenge and engagement in immersive environmental and adventure learning activities.

Outdoors and In:  We all know that learning is a lifelong experience that happens everywhere, whatever our age or ability: in and out of doors; in a group; in solitude. Each is enhanced by experiencing the other.

This was formally acknowledged by the Institute for Outdoor Learning (May 2020): ‘Purposeful experiences in the outdoors can be a catalyst for powerful and memorable learning.’

Outdoor Learning provides the ‘fizz’: immersive, experiential, sensory opportunities not available indoors.  These opportunities are made all more powerful when underpinned with prior knowledge or expanded through further research and discussion often accessed indoors; be it through a classroom, a book, Reddit or Google.  FoBC is currently working with local schools to identify opportunities to enhance outdoor learning within their school grounds as well as in open spaces.

Combining learning with recreation: Increasingly, families and individuals are seeking to combine recreational time with development of their appreciation of their local outdoor spaces, through gaining a wider interest in nature, conservation, history, photography, art and in other ways.  There is growing evidence of the value to mental and physical well being that comes from time spent out of doors.  We all need to play, to laugh, to learn and to share – whatever our age.

The creation of the ‘Hub’ as a centre of outdoor learning and a social centre will facilitate a gateway between the local built environment and our open spaces. It will be a place where everyone can feel comfortable exploring the natural world, where formal education interfaces seamlessly with recreational space; a place where eco-architecture, landscaping and design showcases best practice with regards to sustainable, local, organic, environmental, responsible and community-centred park management.

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