A much-needed community space for scooters and boarders

An all-weather/all-season track is a much-needed community space for scooters and boarders, for older children from beginner to moderate levels. Our research shows that the track can be sculpted into the landscape to provide an interesting social space for participants and interested observers alike.

Limited space means the design needs to focus on skateboards and scooters rather than bikes. Proposals include a simple wheelchair-friendly pump track area that may also be suitable for anyone seeking to improve balance and walking skills. Preliminary ideas include an additional smaller circuit, sited within the Early Years’ play area.

Proposed plans aim to create interesting landforms for users, reduce visual and noise intrusion, and utilise materials from wetland area excavations and rainwater runoff. Also included are areas for sitting and socialising, access to storage and a community workshop to develop the skateboarding community.

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banner image: @kimberskatepark

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