A much-needed community space for scooters and boarders

Designed and landscaped to be less intrusive than an urban skate park, an all-weather/all-season track could provide a much-needed community space for scooters and boarders from beginner to moderate levels.

Design could provide elements for scooters and skateboards, with wheelchair-friendly beginner areas also suitable for mobility or balance-impaired people seeking to improve balance and walking skills.

We hope design will create interesting land forms, reflected elsewhere in the landscape designs, with the track going down as much as it rises. It is envisaged that siting of the track would reduce visual and noise intrusion, and rainwater run-off used to positive effect.

We are asking local youth groups and schools to become involved in the design and creation of their track to encourage ownership and considered citizenship choices. Preliminary ideas include a small undulating circuit for toddlers, linking to a larger circuit with variety of forms. Areas for sitting and socialising are also recognised as important features.

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