The Paddling Pool is an obvious attraction during hot spells.

Water play is an absolute go-to during warm, summery days. However, the existing facility is outdated, inefficient in its use of water, and presents several operational challenges.

The Project aims to investigate an upgraded water play area incorporating recycled and filtered water, the possibility of streams in which children can play, a small pool for toddler play, and a ‘splash pad’ with fountains and sprays for older children and families to have fun and cool off. Water might be fed from a ‘spring’ in the Hub building (housing pump equipment) via a small pool and waterfall in a rock garden as part of the site integration.

The design team will be considering capacity and how to cope with peaks of demand.  They will also look at ways to integrate the water play within the overall design to keep it in character with the landscaping and consider its look and alternative uses out of season.

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