Innovative landscaping would increase biodiversity, shade, and create a ‘green gateway’ to Barnes Common.

Beverley Brook There is enormous potential to increase biodiversity and community interaction with this part of the brook. It is a major ecological and collaborative undertaking involving consultation with Environment Agency, South East Rivers Trust, and other stakeholders.

Opening sympathetic access to the water as part of the long-term improvement plans throughout the Brook’s catchment would improve habitat, biodiversity and connectivity for migrating fish, eels, water voles and kingfishers. There would also be scope for increased learning and well-being opportunities across all ages.

Landscaping Existing grass meadow and open green space areas used currently for informal play, dog exercising, casual recreation and occasional school sports could also include new quieter areas with shaded seating, a sensory walk/garden and enhanced community food growing areas.

Innovative land form creations with due consideration to sound ecological practice including rainwater harvesting and the creation of natural ponds would provide additional play and outdoor learning opportunities.

Upgraded water play: The predicted increase in hotter and longer summers escalates demand for ways to cool off across all ages.  An upgrade of the existing paddling pool will enhance water quality and incorporate water recycling/filtration. Possibilities could include streams and a small pool for toddler play and a splash pad/fountains to appeal to all ages. Design will give attention to capacity and out-of-season use of the space.

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