This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the community to get what it wants and needs from its local park. Not surprisingly, this area has necessitated our biggest re-think.

Since early consultations in 2019 and the subsequent appointment of a Design Team, we have been encouraged to ‘think big’ – and it is not too late for you to do the same. Share your ideas: TAKE THE SURVEY!

Play Areas: Chats with parents and carers show that unsurprisingly, there is a strong desire for early years’ play to be located near toilet and café facilities. Due to the flood risk and distance from utility connections, the proposed Master Plan envisages buildings cluster toward the entrance at the Vine Road end of the site, incorporating areas for early years, community growing and quiet seating. The plan suggests adventure play be slightly further removed, with the pump track towards the bottom end, suitably integrated to attenuate sound.

Wilder Spaces: A large grass area would be retained; with wilder, more naturalised landscaping at the western end, incorporating the Beverley Brook. This would create an attractive, biodiverse, wetland zone that could include mounds and other features to add interest and learning opportunities through informal play, exercise and relaxation.

Pavilion/Social Hub: Following investigation into the condition of all of the existing buildings, and in spite of renovations to the pavilion in 2018, it is recommended that we replace the existing ‘cricket’ pavilion with a new build. This is an opportunity to create a very special, environmentally-responsible facility for the community, at significantly less expense. It is envisaged that this will also support outdoor learning activities and remain fit for purpose for years to come.

Café:  The success of the pop-up café justifies a purpose built, community café facility with scope for indoor and outdoor seating, well maintained toilets (operating under the Richmond toilet scheme) and multi-purpose rooms that will initially provide office space for Friends of Barnes Common staff. Located near the entrance, this will hopefully provide a warm welcome  to visitors.

Adventure and Play for all: We aim to upgrade the present adventure-play provision and extend this to appeal to a much wider age range. This is also an opportunity to offer bespoke Elder Play equipment, ensuring the park offers fun and inspiring well-being, play, learning and socialising opportunities for all.

Water Play: There is nothing better than having a splash when the weather turns hot! Visit Related Links below for full updates.

Pump Track: One of the key drivers for this project is the inclusion of a ‘pump track’. Visit Related Links below for full updates.

Storage Yard: As our Conservation Management work expands, the need for a Health and Safety compliant, secure storage barn and workshop to accommodate equipment and work space is vital. Challenges at Vine Park include: 1. An additional large building on this site might be considered excessive development of a recreational space. 2. Current regulations for safe movement of vehicles and required turning circles would require increased hard surfacing.  3. Operating from this site is increasingly difficult due to the level crossings.

Therefore, although our tractors are of keen interest to many small children, we are investigating alternative sites. Currently, a part-obscured area adjacent to Rocks Lane, to the south-east of the station, is our current preferred option.

Community Workshop:  The storage yard will be integrated into the community growing area, the polytunnel retained, and a community workshop/storage facility created to support the various projects including growing, skateboarding, park maintenance, repairs and crafts.

Bowling pavilion: In 2021, the majority of this building is leased to the Montessori Nursery School. All decisions relating to this are the responsibility of the Landowner, the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. Building surveys indicate this structure is nearing end of life, making the allocation of funds for maintenance or improvement impractical.

In light of this, the proposed Master Plan allows for the possible continuing use of this building for a few years, with development proceeding around it, but its eventual removal to help open up the park.

Car Park: There are tight constraints on the number of parking spaces available. We hope the new facilities will increase footfall, and that policies will encourage less use of cars and more use of cycles, scooters, public transport and pedestrian access. the proposed Master Plan suggests ways to provide safer pedestrian access, disabled parking, and a ‘dropping off’ area which can also be used for deliveries.

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