There are many opportunites within our existing built environment, and we welcome your ideas.

Car Park: In keeping with our ethos, access by foot, cycle and public transport will continue to be strongly encouraged. Project design will review and explore best practice opportunities with regards vehicular movement to and around in the site.

Gardeners’ Shed: Our aim is to retain this historic structure. Assessment is required to determine work needed to make fit for purpose and the feasibility.

Old Bowling Pavilion. Following assessment,, there may be scope for an upgrade to provide the Nursery with an adjacent office.

Playground Equipment:  Upgrade and add age-appropriate, inclusive equipment; outdoor gym and further play equipment outside the fenced (dog free) area.

Storage Sheds: there is an identified need to upgrade/provide secure storage, a COSHH store, drying room, and workshop. The roof could provide secure space for a solar panel array. Retaining existing office space in this area would allow greater access to the pavilion by the community.

Vine Road Pavilion. There is potential for an atrium type development between the two wings. Vandalism to the outside public toilets is an ongoing issue and exterior lighting has been installed. The creation of The Hub could mitigate the need for public toilets in this area.

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